SmartShip is one of our most popular offerings which ensures that you (our customers) receive your product without hassle, shipping charges, or hidden fees on a regular basis.

SmartShip is currently only offered for our flagship magnesium product, Soothe Magnesium and is not publicly available for purchase. In fact, the only way to enrol in our SmartShip program is by invitation or special offer.

Here are SOME of the benefits of SmartShip:

As mentioned above SmartShip is currently available by invite only or via a waiting list. If you are interested in the program, or would like to be put on the waiting list please email with the subject line 'SmartShip Application'.

Requirements to Be Eligible For SmartShip:

  1. You have purchased one of our products before.
  2. You are looking to benefit from our products on a regular basis.
  3. You have been invited to join SmartShip by our staff or participated in one of our special offers.
  4. You are committed to bettering yourself and taking your health to the next level.

Terms & Conditions of SmartShip:

If you have any questions about Nutrify or our SmartShip programs, we'd love to hear about them. Our customer support team is available anytime at

When you enrol in SmartShip you are given a priority support line to ask questions and chat with our team as well.

I am so glad you are enjoying our products and I can't wait to see how you utilize them.

Luke DiMarco, Founder

Nutrify Health